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Infrared Nite-Flight Light Kit

An "airfield in a suitcase" solution. A fast-deployed, 40 light kit of our IR NITE-FLIGHT LIGHT for FLIR or NVG equipped aircraft. Used for tactical, expeditionary, and emergency airfield runways. Suitable for a 4,000' runway, if placed at typical 200' intervals (max.). Order multiple kits OR add up to 20 additional lights or strobes for longer runways (up to 60 lights in a 1660 case). Waterproof, IP67. CE (European Union compliant). Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components). Lifetime Warranty.

Operators Liability- The system has been designed to be operated under normal visual meteorological conditions for night flying by a pilot with normal vision ENHANCED WITH NIGHT VISION EQUIPMENT. The system is utilized at the operator's discretion and risk. The suppliers accept no liability whatsoever whether implied or explicit for any incidents/accidents that may incur. The operator must ensure that trained personnel operate the system and are made fully aware of aviation safety and that the runway remains clear of animals, pedestrians and obstructions at all times during landings and takeoffs. Only competent and currently night rated pilots may use this system. Use by student pilots training for night rating is prohibited.

40 lights basic kit packed in a Pelican® 1660 wheeled equipment case for ease of storage, handling, and set up. 180 lb. (82 kg) per kit.

Ships by truck, or air freight, palletized dimensions 36"x 24"x 23"
CE approved

SAMPLE CUSTOMIZATION ideas to fit in the 1660 case:

  • Up to 20 additional lights/strobes combination will fit (6,000' runway). OR
  • 40 colored lenses for visible conversion, 2 Strobes, 1 case of replacement C batteries.OR
  • 10 additional lights (5,000' runway), 2 Strobes, 1 case of replacement C batteries.



P/N LS40-7400-IR This item is available to government and military customers only. Please call or e-mail us for details. You may add this item to your shopping cart and we will contact you for further details.

Price: $6,985.00
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