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The modified VISI-FLARE™ is an LED strobe light, visible for up to two miles. Used for:

    Roadside Visibility & safety
    Traffic Control
    Utility Line Crew Safety

Use in Conjunction With a Traffic Cone (on top of or under)
The VISI-FLARE™ eliminates common concerns associated with pyrotechnic strike flares. Gone are concerns
of storage, shelf life, and dangerous burns in the line of duty. Help the environment by not polluting
the atmosphere with toxic gases emitted by strike flares, and exposing dry landscapes to the threat of
wild fires. The VISI-FLARE™ eliminates the need for concern when dealing with exposed fuels and heath
concerns due to extended exposure to ignited strike flare fumes, all while offering increased safety.
Safer and Less expensive to use than standard strike flares.
    Lens, body and control module: High impact Plastic
    High Visibility
    Replaceable Parts
    Lens: Material- Polycarbonate
    Length: approximately 10.75"
    Width: approximately 1.5"
    Power: 3 Volts
    Light Source: 7-watt LED
    Battery life: 40 hrs. With 2 alkaline "C" cells 
    Flash Rate: 60 flashes per minute, Meets MUTCD standard.
    Light Output: 1,000 lumens
    Visibility: Up to 2 miles

 YELLOW LENS ONLY, batteries included.

Made in China by REVA.     P/N VF-5.1,  LED module made in USA.

30 day Warranty.

Price: $59.95

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