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2014/03/13 - Tektite Announces Sweeping Upgrades to ELZ Strobes and Kits

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    TRENTON, N.J. - (March 13, 2014) - Tektite Industries is proud to announce sweeping LED upgrades to many of their flight ops products including the ELZ Strobe, ELZ Kit, Mini ELZ Kit, and their infrared equivalents.

The Tektite® ELZ Strobe (ELZ Strobe) now features a high-intensity, multifunction 10-Watt LED strobe modules which help provide 5 times the battery life, 10 times the lamp life, better visibility range, improved flash rate, and twice the ruggedness of the older Xenon version.  Previously based on the Tektite® Strobe 200, the ELZ Strobe is now based on the popular Strobe 3500 (3 C-cell Alkaline) to power the new LED strobe module. The multifunction LED strobe module can be used in flashing mode or steady mode and mode switching is done via a simple, reliable rotary switch so there is no fumbling around in the dark. This completely watertight strobe still utilizes the same weighted, spring-loaded base that keeps the strobe upright on all surfaces even in heavy winds and rotor wash. Optional lens colors are still available. All of these same upgrades have also been made to the Tektite® IR ELZ Strobe (Infrared ELZ Strobe).

The Tektite® ELZ Kit (ELZ KIT) includes these new strobes and they are now packed in a rugged Nanuk 945 equip case. The ELZ Strobe still folds flat for easy storage. These same changes have also been made to the Tektite® IR ELZ Kit (Infrared ELZ Kit).

The Tektite® Mini ELZ Kit (Mini ELZ Kit) has also been upgraded to LED which boasts improved flash rate, lamp life, and durability compared to the previous Xenon version. The strobes in these kits now feature high-intensity, 7-Watt LED strobe modules which are far more durable than their Xenon predecessors since there are no fragile glass strobe tubes in these modules. The Mini ELZ Kit still features the same rugged backcountry case, ground stakes, and the availability of optional lens colors. All of these same upgrades have also been made to the Tektite® IR Mini ELZ Kit (Infrared Mini ELZ Kit).

These improved Flight-Ops products are available now direct from Tektite. For more information on Tektite’s improved Flight-Ops products, other new products from Tektite, or to place an order, visit our website www.TEK-TITE.com.

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