Replacement bulbs, batteries and parts for TEKNA Products. SEE BULB GUIDE BELOW FOR REPLACEMENT BULB SIZING.
The original TEKNA lights have been out of production since 1993 (except the Splash Lite). We are not the original TEKNA and did not make TEKNA lights before 2004. This means that the original 1 year warranty from TEKNA is expired, sorry!  We are the world's leading experts on the original TEKNA flashlights and knives. We offer the most comprehensive parts inventory and service for TEKNA Knives and flashlights available anywhere. We also sell TEKNA Lites and knives.

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Tektite-TEKNA History

A brief history of how we became involved with TEKNA®.

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 For TEKNA Diver vehicle parts and service, go to: http://www.dpvrepair.com

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The TEKNA® Splash-Lite™ has been a favorite among outdoorsmen and scuba divers for many years.

Price: $14.95

Our LPR-113™, extra high-intensity High-Power LED conversion lamp for 4 cell (6.0 V) flashlights, offers an easy to convert many standard flashlights into extra high-intensity LED flashlights

Price: $29.95

Use this drop-in LED Replacement Bulb to convert most flashlights that use a 222 or 112 bulb into an LED flashlight.

Price: $13.95

TEKNA Lite 4 Battery Holder

Four (4) AA battery holder for the TEKNA® Lite 4

Price: $6.95
112 Replacement bulb

Replacement bulb # 112 for single 1.5v battery flashlights.

Price: $1.95
TEKNA Lights Replacement O-rings & Lubricant

Replacement O-Rings and Lubricant for TEKNA® lights. One (1) Replacement O-Ring and Parker Super-O-Lube.

Price: $2.45

222 Replacement Bulb

Replacement bulb for the TEKNA® Micro-Lite, Splash-Lite™, Lite 2, Mono-Lith, Micro-Lith, most penlights, or any 2-battery light that uses a 222 bulb.

Price: $1.95
TREK 200 & TEKNA Bulb

Xenon replacement bulb for the Trek™ 200 and the TEKNA® Mono-Lith, Micro-Lite, Micro-Lith and Lite 2.

Price: $2.95
3 V Alkaline Battery

Alkaline replacement battery stick (3 V) replaces original TEKNA® lithium battery for TEKNA® Micro-Lite and Micro-Lith as well as Tektite® Mark-Lite® Fire Fly™.

Price: $5.95

TEKNA Lite 8 Battery Holder

Eight (8) AA battery holder for the TEKNA® Lite 8.

Price: $9.95
TEKNA Lite 4 and Lite 8 Chargers

Original TEKNA® item. New, old stock. For use with NiCad batteries. Limited stock.

Price: $9.95
TEKTITE & TEKNA  Replacement springs

Replacement battery contact/spring assembly (1) for small TEKNA® LITES, and TEKTITE® models.

Price: $1.95

TREK 400 Bulb

Xenon replacement bulb for the Trek™ 400, TEKNA® Lite 4, TEKNA® Dive Lantern, TEKNA® Xena-Lite, NICE LITE! bicycle light, and any 4 cell or 6 V battery-powered light with a flange bulb.

Price: $2.95
CR123A Lithium Battery

Used in many small flashlights, including the TEKNA® Splash-Lite, Mono-Lith, and some versions of the Micro-Lith.  Brand may vary from photo.

Price: $4.00

Replacement wire boot/belt clip for the TEKNA® and OCEAN EDGE™ knife.

Price: $5.95


Replacement sheath for the Ocean Edge™ Dive Knife/TEKNA® dagger. Includes removable wire type belt/boot clip.

Price: $14.00
TEKNA and OCEAN EDGE knife sheath straps

TEKNA® and OCEAN EDGE™ knife sheath straps. Black Velcro. Two straps; 1 longer top strap and 1 bottom strap.

Price: $8.00

Xenon replacement bulb for the TEKNA® Lite 8 and other 8 cell / 12 V flashlights with a PR bulb.

Price: $4.95