About Us

Founded by current ownership in 1990, Tektite manufactures a product line featuring more than 200 SKUs. Our TEKTITE brand lights and strobes are made in the U.S.A. and feature HIGH-TEK™ lamps, space age polymers, computer-designed reflectors and other features that makes Tektite the best choice when quality, reliability and performance is required.

Made in the USA

Tektite's patented LED technology applications have secured Tektite with the largest LED flashlight offering worldwide and the recognized leader in the industry. Tektite Industries, based in Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A., manufactures and distributes LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights, dive lights, strobes, signaling lights and knives serving customers demanding the most rugged products in the Outdoor, Industrial, Public Safety and Military markets. Tektite® is a registered trademark of Tektite Industries, Inc.

Tektite licenses its patented technology to well-known names in the lighting industry and provides Private Label and Custom Solutions.

TEKTITE production firsts:

  • 1990- Company formed in September
  • 1991- Produced lights for Ocean Edge/Tekna®
  • 1991- First commercially accepted Chemical Lightstick Alternative®, Mark-Lite®, designed to reduce solid waste produced by chem sticks
  • 1992- World's smallest submersible strobe, Mark-Lite® Strobe introduced
  • 1993- First multi-LED diver's marker light, Mark-Lite® Fire-Fly™
  • 1994- First Steady LED diver's marker light, Mark-Lite® Stinger
  • 1998- First conventional style White LED flashlight, Trek® 2, patented
  • 1998- First LED diver's marker light available in multiple colors, Mark III LED, Patented
  • 1998- First White LED diving light (Trek® 4)
  • 1998- First White LED PR-base flashlight replacement bulb
  • 1999- First US Navy U/W EOD flashlight using White LED technology, Expedition 300, patent
  • 1999- First Luxeon-based LED flashlight, Expedition® L
  • 1999- Five models of White LED flashlight in Production
  • 2000- First 40 lumen LED flashlight Expedition® 1900, patent
  • 2000- First Large-Array white LED flashlight, 80 lumens, Trek® 400 EX-40, patented
  • 2001- Eight models of White LED flashlight in Production
  • 2001- First LED primary dive light, Trek® 400 EX-40
  • 2001- First LED video light, 120 lumens, EX-60
  • 2002- 15 LED lights in production
  • 2002- World's toughtest LED flashlight, Excursion® introduced
  • 2003- First Luxeon based LED flashlight replacement bulbs, patented
  • 2004- First single-LED 4 watt flashlight, Excursion® LS4
  • 2005- First LED flashlight to break the 200 lumens mark , Tac12, 240 lumens
  • 2006- 35 LED lights in production
  • 2007 First 200 lumen single-LED Tactical flashlight
  • 2007 First 600 lumen LED Diving/Tactical flashlight production, Sea-Ray 12