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My flashlight flickers, what should I do?

Flashlight flickering is almost always caused by dirty battery contacts that build up with time. To solve this problem you will need to clean the center contact on the LED module or bulb, along with the positive and negative contacts on each battery. Use a mild abrasive (steel wool, emery board, Scotch-Brite® , or even plain paper) to remove dirt and corrosion, and then wipe the contacts clean with a paper towel or coarse rag.

Sometimes flickering is caused by dented batteries, which can happen if you drop your light. Inspect the positive (+) end of each battery for dents and dimples. If minor "dimples" are found only on the tips, try placing an undimpled battery on top of the stack. Replace the battery If the whole top is dented in.

If there is liquid or black discoloration inside your light, see the My batteries leaked, what should I do? FAQ.

Warranty returns for flickering will always be cleaned and returned; however, you can save the shipping costs both ways by performing this simple procedure yourself. Leaking or damaged batteries are not covered by warranty.


My batteries leaked, what should I do?

Flush out case with warm fresh water. Dry thoroughly. Remove and dry off battery contact strip and/or bottom battery spring. If spring is discolored or corroded, clean with steel wool or light grit sandpaper. Check lamp contacts on bottom of reflector, clean if discolored or corroded. Reassemble with fresh batteries and test. If it still doesn't work, return the light to us.

I replaced the batteries but the flashlight still doesn't work. What should I do?

Check battery and bulb contacts for discoloration or corrosion, clean if necessary. Try replacing bulb. Make certain the replacement lamp is correct for your light model (labeled on lamp; 1.2 V = 1 battery, 2.4 V = 2 batteries, 3.6 V = 3 batteries, 4.8 V = 4 batteries, 7.2 V = 6 batteries). Remember, the Mark-Lite® Fire Fly™ requires 2 - N alkaline batteries, not 1 - AA battery.

What are LEDs?

LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes. Diodes allow electric current to flow in one direction; LEDs are also diodes, but they also have the unique "side effect" of producing light while electricity is flowing through them. The advantages over traditional bulbs are as follows:

  • Reliability - 10,000+ hour rated life
  • Durability - Vibration and shock resistant with no bulbs or filaments to break
  • Cost Savings and Convenience - No bulbs to change? ever!sm
  • Energy Efficient - 1/5 the energy consumption of standard lamps
  • Natural Light - Emits light color similar to the sun
  • Safer - Solid state lamps make LEDs safer in hazardous environments

Why should our company sell Tektite LED Lighting Products?

You should stock and sell Tektite branded LED lighting products because:

  • Tektite manufactures the largest selection of LED flashlights in the world
  • Tektite is a pioneer in LED lighting technology
  • Tektite holds patents on its technology and licenses them to many companies
  • All our lights are Made in the U.S.A.

Our company already stocks a wide variety of flashlights, why should we be looking to offer Tektite products?

Your company can gain a competitive advantage by offering Tektite lighting products primarily driven by Tektite's LED flashlight line. Flashlights using LED lamps as opposed to traditional incandescent and Halogen bulbs are the wave of the future and demand is growing exponentially. Your company has an opportunity to be on the forefront of a new shift in technology while establishing your company's affiliation early enough to be a recognized source when demand explodes.

What makes Tektite's LED Technology far superior from other offerings in the market?

Tektite incorporates its patented technology in the manufacturing and assembly process producing the smartest and most efficient design for use with LED flashlights. Furthermore, Tektite only selects premium LED lamps compared to other manufacturers who choose lamps of lesser quality.

Is it true that Tektite develops products for the military?

Yes. In fact, Tektite's in-house R&D fuels leading-edge technology for military and exploration use. This technology eventually makes its way into commercial markets.

How can Tektite claim they make the most rugged flashlight in the world?

Our flagship flashlight, the Excursion™ Pro - 19 LED Flashlight, was designed to meet the harsh demands of any emergency imaginable with durability and performance features that separate it from anything else available. The Excursion Pro utilizes three D-cell batteries offering more than 20 times the battery life of regular incandescent flashlights. This is done in part through Tektite's patented LED circuitry. The LED lamps offer over 10,000 hours of continuous life and are virtually impossible to break unlike traditional incandescent bulbs. Each flashlight is computer-machined from solid bar stock 6160 aluminum, maximizing strength compared with other aluminum flashlights that use thin-walled tube stock. Additionally, double o-ring seals give it an underwater depth rating to over 1,000 feet. Even its LEXAN lens is optically designed to maximize the powerful light output. We challenge anyone to the Tektite Torcher™ Test.

What makes Tektite flashlights so tough?

Tektite only uses the best materials to manufacture the MOST DURABLE FLASHLIGHTS IN THE WORLD.sm

  • To maximize strength, our aluminum flashlight bodies are CNC-machined from solid bar stock 6160 aluminum-rather than cheap, tube stock aluminum.
  • Our LEXAN lenses are made from the same material used to maximize impact resistance in bulletproof glass.
  • Even our polymer flashlight bodies are made from high-quality engineering resins to ensure they won't fail underwater, in extreme weather conditions or from severe impacts.

How diverse is Tektite's product selection?

Tektite offers a wide variety of light products that many other companies do not manufacture. Most flashlight manufacturers make flashlights from either plastic or aluminum as their material of choice; Tektite offers both choices. Below are Tektite's product categories:

  • LED Flashlights
  • HID Lights
  • Lanterns & Flashlights
  • Strobes
  • Marker Lights
  • Specialty Lights

Is it true that a Tektite LED flashlight can pay for itself just in battery savings?

Yes. For example, if someone uses a traditional two D-cell flashlight for an average of six hours per week, one would need to purchase and replace approximately 600 alkaline D-cell batteries each year. Based on a cost of $1.50 per alkaline D-cell battery, the person has spent $900 on top of the initial purchase price to power the flashlight in just one year. Multiply that by the number of people in a company and the result is a staggering expense. In comparison, let's use the Tektite Excursion Pro with a MSRP of $191. Based on a power consumption savings ratio of 1/5, total battery costs would be $180. That is a savings of over $529, thus allowing the owner to easily payoff the initial investment within one year. And since Tektite flashlights are designed to last for over 100 years, you can see that Tektite represents the greatest return on investment.

How do I use my flashlight as a candle?

Tektite LED flashlight being used as a lanternTektite LED flashlights being used a candle

Remove the black rubber lens cover and place it on table with the large opening face down. Then insert the tail of the flashlight through the top opening using the wrist lanyard as "stuffing."

How do I use my flashlight as a lantern?

Remove the black rubber lens cover and place it over the lanyard for storage. Then hang the light using the lanyard.

What's your relationship to Tekna?

Tekna lights have been out of production for some years. We are not Tekna and did not make Tekna lights. However, we offer the following parts and tips to all the existing Tekna light owners as a convenience service and we sell the Tekna Splash-Lite and several Tekna knives.





Tekna Splash-Lite

222/L222* or Trek 200* or 3v LED

CR123 3V Lithium

Tekna Mono-Lith

222/L222* or Trek 200* or 3v LED

CR123 3V Lithium

Tekna Micro-Lite

222/L222* or Trek 200* or 3v LED

3 V Alkaline

Tekna Micro-Lith**


2 - CR123 3V Lithium**

Tekna Lite 1


1 - AA Alkaline

Tekna Lite 2

222/L222* or Trek 200* or 3v LED

2 - AA Alkaline

Tekna Lite 4

LPR-113*** or Trek 400

4 - AA Alkaline

Tekna Lite 8


8 - AA Alkaline

Tekna Dive Lantern

LPR-113 or Trek 400

4 - D-cell Alkaline

Tekna Xena-Lite

LPR-113 or Trek 400

4 - D-cell Alkaline

Tekna 2D


2 - D-cell Alkaline

Tekna I-Beam

LPR-113*** or Trek 400

4 - AA Alkaline

* Use the 
222/L222 bulb if your original bulb has a screw base or the Trek 200 Bulb if your original bulb has a smooth sides.
** Some models used a proprietary battery (thinner and longer than a AA battery) that is no longer available, our 3 V Alkaline battery will replace this battery. This version uses a 222 or L222 bulb.
*** Reverse the polarity of all batteries for use in the Tekna Lite 4 and Tekna I-Beam.