Tektite LED flashlights make great gifts. A reliable flashlight is one of the most useful and important tools at home and at work. And don't forget camping and vacations!
  • Trek 2 is perfect for everyday use and emergency preparedness; provides more than 200 hours of usable light from 3 AA batteries.
  • Trek 4 - Best Value AA Flashlight Available
  • Excursion LS - The Most Durable Flashlight in the World.  Run a tank over this super-bright  LED flashlight any day.

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TREK 2 Special (3 Pack)

Save 25% when you buy three Trek 2 LED flashlights
The Original LED Flashlight!

This 2 LED flashlight is our most popular flashlight because it provides the most usable light of any LED flashlight

Price: $59.95
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TREK 4 Special (3 Pack)

Save 25% when you buy three Trek™ 4 LED flashlights
Improved! Now Brighter!

This 4 LED flashlight is the best value AA flashlight available.

Price: $89.95
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Tektite Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get your family member or that special someone for the holidays? Get them a Tektite gift certificate and let them pick their own flashlight or knife from our assortment!

Price: $25.00
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