Made in the U.S.A.

Complies with the "Buy American Act"

We're committed to keeping jobs in America

Unlike many other manufacturers, Tektite brand lights are made in America, not just "Designed in the U.S.A." or assembled in the U.S. from foreign-made parts. We mold our plastic parts, assemble our electronics, and machine and stamp our metal parts in our New Jersey factory or locally. We include US-made batteries whenever possible (bulbs come from overseas). Whenever possible, we buy U.S. made machine tools and equipment for our factory, and we only buy trucks from U.S. manufacturers.


Tektite Environmental Statement

Tektite was founded on "green" principles, before they became trendy. We are concerned about the environment and we are committed to improving the Earth's environmental condition. Outdoor sports are an environmentally oriented activity. The beauty of the ocean and great outdoors requires our attention and care. The ocean is sensitive to our presence on land in our everyday existence and more directly when diving. The land is sensitive to the ocean's condition in our weather patterns and health.

To this end, we take the complete product life cycle into consideration when we design products and specify components. Sometimes this makes our products a bit more expensive. All our products are recyclable when they have out-lived their usefulness to you.

  • We use 20% pre-consumer, industrial plastic scrap in our plastic components (when consistent with high quality).
  • We use high-efficiency LEDs, HID and sub-miniature lamps in our products. LEDs, in particular, dramatically reduce battery waste.
  • We recommend the use of, or include, zero-mercury US-made alkaline batteries for use in our products. Rechargeable NiCad & NiMh batteries also work with our products and we recommend their use whenever it makes sense to you.
  • Our packaging is reusable or recyclable, and contains recycled paper and plastics whenever possible.
  • Some of our products, such as the Mark-Lite, are designed to directly reduce the amount of plastic waste. The Mark-Lite provides an environmentally friendly Chemical Lightstick Alternative™. Plus, the Mark-Lite helps reduce operation cost by 80% as well. Many Diving resort destinations have banned the use of chemical sticks as a result of us offering a reusable alternative.
  • Equipment is used in our manufacturing processes to conserve and recycle coolant water, heating our building, conserving fresh water, and reducing liquid waste.
  • As a company we practice energy conservation and recycling. We use recycled paper products when possible and we reuse or recycle our industrial scrap.
  • Our factory is located in a nationally recognized Urban Brownfield Renewal project, putting abandoned urban industrial land back into productive use. In addition, our modern factory is made of recycled steel components and will be easily recycled once it has passed its useful life

"Think globally, act locally." Please do your part. Reuse, Recycle, Conserve.