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NOW- UP TO TWICE AS BRIGHT, Same price!Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs emit light energy in the near UV range commonly known as "black light." Flashlights utilizing UV LEDs are used for detection of inks, dyes, and other materials that fluoresce under UV light. Applications include: A/C refrigerant leak detection, adhesive curing, antique inspection, art forgery/repair tests, club hand stamp screening, fluorescent dye leak detection, glass inspection, body fluid tracing, ID and document verification, mineral lighting and identification, pet and pest stains, reading invisible fluorescent inks, scorpion illumination, fruit spoilage, and freeze damage to orange crops, 365nm). We offer UV lights FOR PROFESSIONAL USE at two specific wavelengths: 365 nm and 375 nm. Do not confuse these with the typical, inexpensive "UV" (390-405nm) flashlights everyone else sells (us included, see CSI lights); these are TRUE long-wave UV. Please note that UV fluorescent materials will react at different wavelengths.


» UV LED lights 365nm or 375nm, FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.
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UV LED Flashlight - 40 LEDs

UV LED Flashlight with 40 LEDs. 365 or 375 nm.

1,239.31 AUD 755.32 EUR 648.26 GBP
UV LED Flashlight - 14 LEDs

UV LED Flashlight with 14 LEDs. 365 or 375nm

472.41 AUD 287.92 EUR 247.11 GBP
UV LED Flashlight - 7 LEDs

UV LED Flashlight with 7 LEDs. 365 or 375nm.

319.03 AUD 194.44 EUR 166.88 GBP
UV LED Flashlight - 4 LEDs

UV LED Flashlight with 4 LEDs. 365 or 375nm.

165.65 AUD 100.96 EUR 86.65 GBP
UV LED Flashlight - 2 LEDs

UV LED Flashlight with 2 LEDs. 365 or 375nm.

134.97 AUD 82.26 EUR 70.60 GBP