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2004/05/12 - New 12-Watt LED Dive Light from Tektite

Discounts Apply !

TRENTON,N.J. - (May 12, 2004): Tektite continues to demonstrate its leadership in the development of LED dive lights with their new 12-Watt L12 Seeker, the most powerful LED dive light in the world.

The L12 Seeker utilizes three Luxeon III Star LEDs each operating at 4 Watts to produce 240 Lumens of blistering white light equivalent to 120+ regular LEDs, easily doubling the light output of the Trek 6000 EX60 and competing Luxeon VStar LED dive lights. A special tri-lens optic produces an ultra-tight 12-degree spot beam that pierces through murky water with minimal backscatter. The L12 Seeker’s hot spot is surrounded by a large corona of light that gives divers excellent peripheral visibility.
All divers will appreciate the benefits of the solar-quality (5,500K) white light produced by the L12 Seeker. This high-quality light drastically improves the visualization of color and contrast that is lost at depth, making the L12 Seeker an excellent choice of underwater videography and photography.

Another benefit of the L12 Seeker compared to HID and Halogen dive lights is its extreme ruggedness. The L12 Seeker is no fragile light; it’s double O-ring sealed throughout, and is made from aircraft-grade Aluminum and high-impact grades of PVC and LEXAN®. In addition, its LEDs are virtually indestructible and last 10,000+ hours, so you’ll never have to worry about a bulb breaking or burning out again. This built-in safety feature makes the L12 Seeker a perfect match for the demanding needs of cave and technical divers.

The L12 Seeker is powered by an advanced submersible battery system that delivers 4+ hours of burn time. Its NiMH battery pack is smaller, lighter and more powerful than other battery systems, and it has no cell memory, built-in thermal/high current protection, twice the charge cycle life and burn time of NiCad batteries, and the ability to withstand high charge/discharge currents. A Smart Trickle Charger is included with the L12 Seeker; this charger has a universal power supply that accommodates input voltages of 100 to 260 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.

Divers will be able to configure the L12 Seeker to suit their preferences. The battery pack can be belt, tank or BC mounted, while a quick-release pistol grip handle is standard equipment. With optional equipment, the L12 Seeker can be mounted onto most video and camera housings (a diffuser lens is also available). Divers can also request a permanent wide-angle tri-lens optic that makes the L12 Seeker into a super-wide floodlight.

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