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TREK 6000 EX60

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Photograph taking using two Trek 6000 EX60s
Photograph taken using 2 Trek 6000 EX60s.

Improved! Now 50% Brighter!

As seen on TVThe Trek™ 6000 EX60™ sets a whole new standard for LED flashlights with an amazing array of 60 LEDs; making the EX60™ one of the most powerful LED flashlights in the world! Originally designed for underwater video use, the EX60™ has a smooth medium-flood beam with no hot spot. Double O-ring seals with a lock-off switch make this flashlight a must have for all underwater videographers, cavers, or anyone needing lantern power in a compact size. Patented Tektite® technology means the EX60™ is the smallest light in its class. The ergonomic quick-release pistol grip allows for configuration as a palm light for the most compact and powerful BC pocket-sized LED dive light! Operates on 6 C-cell Alkaline batteries (included) for 4-5 hours at full power with many more hours of additional light output. Comes with an adjustable, cushioned wrist lanyard.


  • Depth Rating: 300 feet (100 m), IP68M
  • Lamp: 60 LEDs
  • Lamp Life: 10,000+ hours
  • Burn Time: 4-5 hours at full power with additional hours of usable lightDive Rated to 300 feet
  • Batteries: 6 C-cell Alkaline (included)
  • Power: 400 Lumens
  • CE (European Union compliant)CE approved
  • Materials: ABS and LEXAN®
  • Dimensions: 6.25" (16 cm) L x 2.9" (7 cm) W
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs. (0.64 kg)
  • U.S. Patent #5,911,497
  • Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components).
  • Lifetime Warranty


P/N 6C-6800-4

Price: $299.95
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